The Coffee & Cocktails with MC Show – Guest – Denise Koch

Denise Koch
News Anchor/Broadcaster

If you have lived in Maryland for any amount of time there is a good chance you have heard of Denise Koch.
She has been a staple on Baltimore television for 40 years, starting as a reporter, and now as a long-time anchor on WJZ-13, the Baltimore CBS affiliate.

Denise has been on WJZ for her entire broadcasting career, which is a very rare thing in the world of broadcast journalism!
She is a Baltimore legend!

Several years ago, I had the honor of being interviewed by Denise when she did a story about Coffee & Cocktails with MC.

It was my pleasure and honor to be able to interview her for The Coffee & Cocktails with MC Show!  She shared some great stories and a rare insight into the world of being a broadcast journalist.

I hope you enjoy watching our chat and learning more about Denise!  You will learn a lot and, hopefully, next time you watch her on the nightly news, you will have an even greater appreciation for what she does!

Denise Koch – The Coffee & Cocktails with MC Show


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