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About Coffee & Cocktails with MC

Our mission is to promote, represent, and support locally owned small businesses and organizations.

Coffee & Cocktails with MC is a Maryland based 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on helping to promote, represent, and support locally owned small businesses and organizations.  Currently, we do this by hosting two free monthly networking events at these great businesses; providing the opportunities for folks to network in a fun and casual environment, while learning more about these great businesses!

Meet the Team

Mary Catherine "MC" Derin

Mary Catherine “MC” Derin is the Founder/President of Coffee & Cocktails with MC, a Maryland based 501(c)(3).

MC founded the nonprofit in 2017, after suffering some medical emergencies that left her blind and with an auto-immune disease that forced her to resign from her job as the Executive Director of the local chamber of commerce.

She could no longer work a traditional job but wanted to continue to promote the amazing small businesses and their owners that she had grown to love.  So, with the help and support of her family and some amazing friends, Coffee & Cocktails with MC was created.

MC loves meeting new people and having fun, so her events tend to be relaxed and casual, while providing the perfect opportunity to explore new places, and make new friends and connections, over a great cup of coffee or a delicious cocktail!

You can find out more about MC by following her blog here.

Mimi Evans

Mimi Evans is the owner of Mixin’ Mimi Mixology, LLC and an integral part of the Coffee &  Cocktails with MC team!

They met years ago and hit it off. They both have a passion for promoting small business, and they genuinely have fun together. She and her team can handle any event – large or small. If you have attended a Cocktails with MC event, you have no doubt met her and tasted one of her fantastic signature cocktails. To learn more about her and her business, check out her website here.

Richard Chomitz is the owner of Richard Chomitz Lifestyle Photography/Graphics Arts.

You can see him at our Coffee with MC AND Cocktails with MC events. Richard and MC have known each other for years and have always worked well together and had a lot of fun.

Richard has the ability to get just the right picture that draws the viewer in, while making the subject incredibly comfortable.

You can check out his work by visiting his online gallery here.

Our Team “Behind the Scenes”

Located in Crofton, MD, Forbes Printing is your “all in one” shop for help with your business needs. From designing and printing flyers, business cards, and mailers, they can help your business be seen.
They have helped Coffee & Cocktails with MC with all of our marketing materials since we began. That Coffee & Cocktails with MC coffee mug or wine glass you love to use? Yep! We get them through Forbes Printing! You can check out their website here.

This amazing website you are checking out right now was imagined and created by Romie, founder of Creative WebGeeks. MC and Romie have worked together for years. Romie has the skills and knowledge to take MC’s ideas and make them a reality; creating a visually appealing, user friendly site that offers just what MC and her networkers need. She is great to collaborate with and a WordPress whiz! You can check out her website here.

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