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June 2018 Cocktails with MC
April 2019 Coffee with MC
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Upcoming event featured images
November 2018 Coffee with MC

Our Coffee & Cocktails with MC events are the perfect opportunity for you to come out and learn about the local business that is hosting, and make new friends and connections in a laid-back, casual environment. Our events are smaller, but that allows you to make more personal connections. We believe in quality over quantity! We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event.

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Read what people are saying about our events!

Tax & Small Business Solutions logo

Michelle C.

Owner, Integrity Tax & Small Business Solutions

"Coffee & Cocktails with MC events are fun times that I look forward to. It doesn’t feel like work, like some networking events do. The events are fun, friendly and welcoming, just like MC herself. I have gotten many new clients from the events, won many door prizes, but most of all, met some great people and had some great times. Come out and join us for the fun."

Eye of the Beholder logo

Briana P.

Owner, Eye of the Beholder Consignment Shop

"I met MC about 7 years ago as she walked into my storefront and introduced herself & told me why I was going to join the Local COC (that she ran at the time). MC is a wonderful person, full of energy & a positive attitude for life & a huge advocate for small businesses. Coffee & Cocktails with MC has hosted several events for me over the last several years & they have all been very fun & successful! She is a wonderful person on a professional and a personal level & I am proud to call her my friend.”

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Melissa C.

Owner, The White Rabbit Coffee & Tea

"Coffee & Cocktails with MC fills the gap for local businesses.  This networking group gives us an opportunity to meet other small business owners.  We are not separated by chamber of commerce memberships, strict boundaries on locale, etc.  The ability to meet local business owners, learn of other small businesses, problem-solve, and socialize is fantastic.  MC handles this organization with enthusiasm and professionalism.  The combining of morning and evening events allows for more opportunity to work within our schedules..”

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Jodie G.

Sales Coordinator, Juice Plus+

"MC has created this wonderful way to connect local businesses, and I always make great contacts there. Without her events there would be so many places that I did not know existed. However, MC makes this more than just about connecting businesses. it's about connecting people!
I always ways meet someone new and interesting at her events! I look forward to them every month!

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Ellen S.

Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

"This is by far the friendliest, most welcoming, best use of my time networking event I've ever been to. I liked MC from the second I met her and her contagious enthusiasm is like a whirlwind of joy in a petite package. Great concept, great people, great opportunity.

Craig's Mowing of Bowie

Craig F.

Owner, Craig’s Mowing of Bowie

“I have been to about 20 of MC's networking events over the years and always have a great time. My small business has thrived since going to MC's local networking events because I have met so many different people with a variety of business minds that need my business or at least know someone who might. MC makes everything and everyone come together to meet and greet and does it in a nice, casual atmosphere. She is quite the firecracker and her high energy is contagious. If you are at least mildly interested in meeting new small business owners or spreading your brand to others in the area, I encourage you to at least attend just one of MC's free networking events and see what I'm talking about. What do you have to lose?”

KW Flagship

Eric J.

Realtor, Keller Williams Flagship of Maryland

"Always so much fun at MC’s events and you will always meet interesting people from many industries. Plus, MC is a GREAT host that makes everyone welcome.

Host your own Coffee or Cocktails with MC event

Would you like to host a Coffee with MC or Cocktails with MC event?  Please complete the application and we will be in touch!

    For coffee events, we ask that you provide coffee, juice or water,  and some light refreshments such as pastries or donut holes.

    For cocktail events, we ask that you provide water, some soda, or other non-alcoholic beverages for folks who do not drink alcohol, and some light appetizer type food items.
    You will be informed as to the expected headcount so you can plan accordingly.

    We ask that you consider offering a door prize. Lastly, because we rely solely on donations, if you would consider making a donation to Coffee & Cocktails with MC, we would appreciate it, as it will help with the costs we incur in promoting and facilitating the event.

    Thank you!

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