The Coffee & Cocktails with MC Show – Guest – David DeBoy

The Coffee & Cocktails with MC Show
Guest: David DeBoy

I had a wonderful time chatting with David!
For those who do not know him by name, you will probably recognize him as you watch our conversation!

Here is a bit more about him (provided by David, himself, so you can clearly get an idea that he is a funny guy!):

David DeBoy has made more money as a professional actor, singer, and writer than he’s told the IRS. His hit single Crabs for Christmas was released in 1981, and has sold tens of thousands of records, CDs, and digital copies. Today, his song is an east coast holiday tradition!

And he just released a new book about that adventure called, “I Gave Baltimore Crabs! (for Christmas)”

David started as a professional actor, performing in over 50 Equity productions. That led to his career as a playwright, with his plays and musicals published, performed around the country, and produced off-Broadway. He has also won two regional Emmy Awards for his television writing. David has had roles in feature films, network TV series, cable television shows and national commercials. He is also an award-winning producer and director, with short features that have won national competitions.

David DeBoy is that that rare combination of show-business and real business, and he brings that expertise to corporate events as a motivational speaker, communicator, teambuilder, executive coach, speechwriter and general troublemaker.

David lives in Maryland with his wife, Joellen. They have three children and two grandchildren. And he will show you all their pictures in a moment’s notice.

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