Update – August 2023


I realize it has been quite some time since I have provided an update.  I apologize for that.  However, I wanted to touch base  and let everyone  know what has been going on, and what our plans are for the future.

As you know, when the pandemic hit, we had to cease doing our networking events for the safety of all of our business owners who host those events, as well as the safety of our networkers.

Well, after it had been some time since organizing and putting on those events, I started to realize how physically exhausting they were for me.  As much as I absolutely LOVED doing them because I always enjoy seeing everyone, and meeting new people, once we no longer did them, it became clear that I would not be  able to resume those kinds of events.  It took a LOT of work and help from so many amazing friends and family members to make them happen.

Instead, I have worked hard to find other ways to continue to spotlight and support all of the amazing small business owners that we have in our communities.  I have done this through sharing content on various social media channels, and also started filming The Coffee & Cocktails with MC Show.  This is a show I host on our YouTube channel where I chat with local business owners, people of interest, and those doing good in the community.
While I had hoped it would reach a wider audience, it has not done that.

At this point, while I will always continue to support, shout out, and help all of the amazing small business owners in our communities, the direction of the nonprofit is unclear.

Thank you for continuing to  support me and Coffee & Cocktails with MC, but more importantly, thank you for continuing to always support locally owned small businesses!


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