An Important Update

Good Morning,

As you know, due to the pandemic, and the restrictions on public gatherings, we have not been able to host events since the beginning of March.

While we hoped the situation would improve and we would be able to have events again after a few months, that clearly wasn’t the case.

Our events are not something that can be done the way we would want to, while also adhering to state and local guidelines on occupancy, social distancing, and mask wearing.

Because our ultimate goal has and always will be to provide a fun, casual, and safe event, we feel canceling in-person events for the remainder of the year is the responsible thing to do.
This was NOT an easy decision for our team to make, but because we want the best possible turnout for the host and all the attendees, we just do not feel holding events at this time would provide that.

We still want to do as much as we can to spotlight and promote the businesses that were scheduled to host events, as well as other local, small businesses and organizations.
We have a few ideas in mind.

The first one is having a super casual “Coffee or Cocktails with MC” conversation via Zoom or Facebook Live.  We are currently working on lining up and scheduling these conversations, so keep an eye out on our website and our Facebook page for more details.

We are also going to be doing door prize drawings!  These will be done several ways.  Some will be done in person (details on how we would orchestrate that safely to be shared very soon!), and we will also do some virtually.

As mentioned, we are sad to have to cancel in-person events, but are going to work hard to continue to support all of the amazing small businesses, many of whom have been severely impacted during these times.  They are all truly amazing.

We also want to thank everyone who has continued to support these amazing businesses during this time!  It means more than you might realize.

Thank you so much for your support of Coffee & Cocktails with MC.
We appreciate it and hope that you will stay tuned so you can continue learning about these businesses, as well as have a chance to win a door prize!One last note:
We are almost ready to roll out a small shop on the website.  Once it is done, you will have the ability to purchase our Coffee & Cocktails with MC coffee mugs and wine glasses.
All proceeds from your purchase go back into the nonprofit.
We will keep you posted.
Stay safe.
MC & the rest of the Coffee & Cocktails with MC team

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