The Coffee & Cocktails with MC Show – Guest – Wheeler’s Ridge Woodworking

I had a great time chatting with artisan, and small business owner, Jamie Wheeler.  I loved hearing about how his business was truly built out of necessity!

Be sure to hang in there through the few technical difficulties we had.  It will be worth it to hear his very interesting stories!

In his own words, below is a bit more about Jamie, the owner and artisan behind Wheeler’s Ridge Woodworking!

My name is Jamie, I officially set up Wheeler’s Ridge Woodworking in June 2021. It started as most things have in the last few years, because of pandemic lockdown.

When my wife and I moved to our little house we had a problem. We really wanted a big table in our kitchen, but the door was too small to fit one in the house.

We let that simmer until I realized I had the time during lockdown. I didn’t know how, but I watched a video or two, got my head around how to do it, and did it.

I was encouraged to do more, and it’s gradually grown from there.


I moved from the UK in December 2016. I married my wife and became a stepdad all in one shot.

I’ve been lucky to have some good people around me to encourage me to pursue Woodworking, and I’m very proud of the results so far.

I don’t have a workshop so the best I can manage is a 20×10 tent in the back yard which has thrown up plenty of challenges! Despite that, it’s steadily grown.

Contact info:

Jamie Wheeler


Phone: 540-252-6891

Facebook: @wheelersridgewoodworking

Instagram: @wheelersridgewoodworking

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